Phiten x30

You can now look professional to play and feel pro with our Phiten x30 bracelets! Each Phiten x30 has been processed with 30 times higher concentrations of Titanium compared to original bracelets to help you relieve tightness in the wrists and hands.

Our Phiten x30 collection will stretch comfortably over your hand and are reversible! Phiten x30 is actually able to regulate your body's natural electric currents through cell ionization. It also encourages muscle relaxation, pain and to reduce stress, exhaustion reduction, blood circulation development, thus preventing injury.

Among the many popular options are our Phiten PGA Tour x30 bracelets collections. They've been permeated with 30 times the concentration of Aqua Titanium. The elevated important things about Phiten x30 products are suitable for golfers; within 15 minutes of wearing Phiten x 30, they begin helping your physique alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation. Phiten PGA Tour x 30 bracelets will surely provide you with a competitive gain on the green.

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