Q ray bracelets

Q Ray bracelet is really a quality made ionized bracelet. Q ray ionized bracelets are ionized steel wire adjustable bracelets that are supposdly infused with ions. No doubts, wearing a Q ray bracelet enables you to feel far better about yourself, or will give you a renewed vitality .

Our Q ray bracelet professional silver plated is one of the most effective performing Q ray bracelets. It has a sterling silver band and gold colored terminals. This Q ray bracelet is extremely strong and strengthens well during every day usage. It is apparently the best mixture of overall performance and price available.

The "Deluxe Series" include the q ray bracelet gold deluxe and q ray bracelet silver deluxe. These are typically the ultimate in style and function. Manufactured from surgical steel and a premium plating process to make sure maximum durability. The Deluxe Q ray Bracelet has a unique style matched with QRay's uncompromising level of quality. Its premium plating process ensure numerous years of performance and beauty, and with its stylish design, this is actually the perfect choice because of its natural fit, lighter weight, mobility and highest durability.

Q ray magnetic bracelet has hi-gauss magnets useful for centuries to promote a balanced lifestyle. These hi-gauss magnets continue to be used today by professional athletes and professional medical professionals.

With so many top quality q ray bracelets to choose for, we are pretty sure you can get one that you've been searching for.

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